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How to create a subdomain in cPanel?

How to create a subdomain in cPanel?

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a subsection of your website that can exist as a new website without a new domain name. Use subdomains to create memorable URLs for the different content areas of your site.

For example, your domain name is; You can create a subdomain for your blog accessible through

How to add a subdomain?

To add a subdomain, please follow the steps below.

Step 01: Log in to your cPanel.

Step 02: Go to the “DOMAINS” section OR Search “Subdomain” in the given search box.

Step 03: Click on “Subdomain”

Step 04: In your Cpanel, if you have multiple domains, click on the drop-down button and select the domain for which you want to create a subdomain. In the subdomain box, enter your subdomain name as I have filled in the image below. As you can see, I have entered “” here “” is my subdomain and main The domain has “”.

Step 05: Click anywhere outside the box. The “Document Route” will be filled in automatically. And then click on Create button.

Congratulations, your subdomain has been successfully created.

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