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How to upgrade/downgrade a plan on Erichost ?

How to upgrade/downgrade a plan on Erichost ?

Let’s say you are using a shared starter plan in which you are able to manage only 1 website and you want to add another domain for which you need to upgrade your current plan to shared medium plan or as per your requirement. There are also some other reasons why you should upgrade your plan like your current hosting plan is unable to handle your traffic.

Please follow the steps given below to downgrade or upgrade your hosting plan.

Step 1. log in to

Step 2. Click on “Services”

Step 3. Click on the service you want to upgrade or downgrade.

Step 4. Here you can check your current plan. To upgrade or downgrade your plan please click on “Upgrade Downgrade” which is located in Actions section.

Step 5. Please choose the new plan you want. Click on the drop down button on the right side of the plan and select the billing cycle of the new plan.

Step 6. Click on the “Select Product” button after selecting the plan and its billing cycle.

Step 7 . Here you can see your new plan and its price information. If you have a promocode, enter it in the “Promotional code” box and click “Validate code”. If you enter a valid code you will get some discount. After that choose your payment method and complete your payment.

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