blogger vs WordPress what are their functions?

if you choose a platform for blogging without better knowledge then your money will be wasted so read this blogger vs WordPress where all your doubts will clear!

So these are both different platforms for creating a website or starting a blog.

Both platforms have different functions with their pros and cons!

We will discuss both of them in detail!

So let’s get started without wasting any time!

Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger:- Blogger is a platform by google where you can start a blog or website with a blogger. But their condition means you have your own domain!

And Also Blogger has its own server by google so you don’t have to invest your money in Blogger for hosting.

But in Blogger you have to edit or design your full website manually with coding No drag and drop option.

And all the blogger functions are limited even if you can’t install any kind of plugin.

Plugin:- That helps you in SEO and designing.

WordPress:- WordPress is a platform where you can create your website without any coding knowledge.

WordPress provides you with drag and drop options with plugin functionality.

For WordPress, You have to purchase any hosting. Because your hosting server provides you software like WordPress.

WordPress vs blogger pros and cons

In WordPress All, The access is in your hand. You can edit or create or delete your website at any time.

Bloggers have their own metrics so they can destroy your website at any time if you don’t follow Google guidelines.

This means If you are creating a website on WordPress then you are only the king of your website but in the blogger their all-access is in google’s hand!

Now If You want to start a blog in 2021 on blogger you can go ahead with a domain.

But If,

You are thinking of starting a blog in 2021 on WordPress then you have to take a good, better hosting because bad hosting can destroy your site!

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Final Words!

So I think I have cleared Your all doubts regarding blogger vs WordPress.

If you have any kind of query you are free to comment below or you can contact us!

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blogger vs WordPress

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