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top 5 best free plagiarism checker with report 2021

best free plagiarism checker with report

Best free plagiarism checker with report,

Are you a content writer, a Blogger, and having doubt on your content is copied or not?

In the I’ll share you plagiarism checker that can tell you that your content is copied or not and the plus point is that you can download the report also.

Before starting let me tell you what is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is means presenting someone else’s work or ideas as your own, with or without their consent. This is called plagiarism.

So let’s get started 

Grammarly plagiarism checker

It is one of the best tools that I can tell you it is best of best. The plus point of Grammarly is that it has its own grammar tool means you can check your grammar mistakes.

How does it work?

It analysis the data from its ProQuest databases and over 16 billion web pages and tell you that your content is plagiarized or not.

After checking your plagiarism you can download the reports.

this is the one of Best free plagiarism checker with report.

2. Searchenginereports

It is also a plagiarism checker tool but the features that it will give you will shock you.

Unlike other plagiarism tools, this tool is a little different. It has:

1. Multi-Language Capability

2. Go beyond plagiarism check

3. Quick and efficient plagiarism detection

1. Multi-Language Capability: It gives the flexibility to check-in 20 different languages. The languages are 日本語, Deutsche, 中文, Français, Português, Español, русский, Italiano, Indonesian, Turkish, Romanian, Malay, CZECH, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Arabic, Polish, Dutch, Vietnamese.

2. Go beyond plagiarism check: After checking the plagiarism(duplication) of your content you can create your content into unique content by clicking on rewrite plagiarism checker and can give you your new and unique content.

3. Quick and efficient plagiarism detection: Unlike other tools which take a lot of time to check search engine reports give you the speed and takes less time to check. 

these is also one of the Best free plagiarism checker with report.

3. Quetext

Quetext is one of the famous plagiarism checkers on the web.

Quetext is also known for its DeepSearch™ technology. It has LiteSpeed recognition.

Important things to know about Quetext.

1. It has DeepSearch™ technology

2. It has Litespeed recognition

1. DeepSearch™ technology: DeepSearch™ technology uses the given phrases on the content to match with other nearby words and phrases to see if they are copied or not.

2. Litespeed recognition: It gives you your report as fast as possible with their Litespeed recognition.

How Quetext works?

It scans from 20 million books, 35 billion web pages, and over 1 million academic journals to give you the best result.

4. Duplichecker

This is also one of the well-known plagiarism checkers out there. 

One thing you need to know about this tool is that you have to register on a duplichecker then you are allowed to check your content.

After hearing its features you will be surprised that this tool gives so much and for free of cost.

Duplichecker features

1. AI-Based Technology

2. Highlights Duplication

3. Fast & Deep Scanning

1. AI-Based Technology: This tool is developed with the help of AI-Technology. It detects minor traces of plagiarism. It compares the content with millions of sources.

2. Highlights Duplication: It generates easy to understand results for you. No struggle to dig up the conclusion. Uses a color-coding scheme. Differentiates duplicate and unique phrases duplicate sentences are marked in pink. Thoroughly checks each and every sentence

3. Fast & Deep Scanning: It provides results in super-fast detection and doesn’t cause a delay in report generation. You can download plagiarism reports in seconds. It is fully reliable plagiarism detection software.

5. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a plagiarism checker is used by teachers, students, Researchers Content Writers, and Bloggers.

Prepostseo features

1. Chrome Extension

2. Ensured Content Safety

3. Plagiarism Reports Generation

4. Results with sources & Percentage

1. Chrome Extension: You can download the free extension of prepostseo so that whenever you have to check plagiarism you don’t have to go to the search box and do the process starting from the start instead you just have done only one click.

2. Ensured Content Safety: The content you check on Prepostseo is 100% safe and secure.

3. Plagiarism Reports Generation: You can download reports in HTML and PDF format. Click on the Download Report button to get the full report.

4. Results with sources & Percentage: You will get the percentage of plagiarized and unique content.


These are the best tools that I’ve shown you. These tools are very helpful for bloggers, students, it helps you to build their creativity and write your own. Now it’s all upon you you can pick the best you like. 

these all are trusted and best free plagiarism checker with report.

If you like it then share it with your friends so that they can also get this valuable knowledge.

Let me know in the comments section below how you like it.

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