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What is Web Hosting and What is Domain name

what is web hosting

Are you a teenager and want to start a business and decided to start blogging as a business and searching for the what is web hosting and what is domain name , let me tell you, you are at the right place?

In this blog, I’m going to give you a brief idea about how you can choose the best one.

Before starting let me tell you the importance of Web Hosting and a Domain name.

Web hosting helps you to make your website visible on Google and web hosting is the crucial step for all websites because if you buy only the domain where will you write you need hosting to edit your Blogs.

A domain is like you means if some know you he/she will know you with your name similarly you have to give a name for your website so that people should know your website name and the most important without hosting and domain and you’ll not be able to make a website.

So I think you have understood what is the importance of Hosting and a Domain name.

Now let’s clear your doubts.

Many people are confused about what is hosting and what is Domain name and buy any hosting and domain so you have to know about:

What is web hosting? and how it works

Web hosting is the process of buying or renting a website so that your website should be viewable.

Hosting is basically when a hosting provider allocates some space on the webserver and makes it available for you on a global level (www).

It works when the files that build the website are uploaded on a local computer.

Now you have understood what is web hosting and how it works. Let’s go to the next step.

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Types of web hosting erichost provide

There are many types of hosting and each of them has different functions and costs.

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Business Hosting
  3. Reseller Hosting
web hosting

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared Hosting can be understood by the name shared means several websites are kept on the same server.

Shared hosting is one of the cheapest web hostings 

The price and usability make it the most popular shared hosting option for new Bloggers, small businesses, and many more.

What is Business Hosting?

Business Hosting itself highlights ‘Business’ if you are thinking to start an affiliate website or any other business website this one is best for you.

Business Hosting provides you unlimited freedom and bandwidth. 

Here a question may come to your mind why unlimited it’s because the business requires flexibility to do anything that why it gives you all the unlimited things.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is also a business type of website which is for big business websites because big websites have a large amount of traffic and business hosting cannot handle massive traffic that’s why Reseller Hosting has been created.

All of these hostings are the best web hostings but wait how you’ll identify which is the best web hosting?

1. Bandwidth should be unlimited

2. Uptime should be 99.9%

3. Storage must be 100 GB or more

4. Free SSL

5. Live support should be available

This is how you can find awesome Web Hosting for you.

But wait there are many free hosting providers you can buy those also, Let me tell you these free hosting providers don’t give you this much flexibility, freedom, and security.

Now let’s assume you have purchased the best Web hosting by using the formula above but what about the domain, without a domain, you cannot make your website and it would be like a man with no name.

So let’s discuss

What is a Domain name?

As I’ve mentioned above Domain is the name of your website and without a domain, your website will be unknown and you can’t even make a website without a domain.

But wait Domain name is not only a domain name it also helps you to get a targeted audience from different countries. In the next step, we’ll understand what are the types.

Before starting let me ask you a question you have seen .com, .in, .us, .xyz, .net, .br etc after the website name. If your answer is ‘YES’ then you’ll understand this very quickly.

Types of domain name

1. .com

The domain name .com stands for ‘Commercial’ is Top Level Domain (TLD) which is very popular. .com helps you to rank your site at the global level.

2. .in, .br, .us, .uk, .co

 The domain name .in stands for ‘India’, .br stands for ‘Brazil’, .us stands for ‘United States, .uk stands for ‘United Kingdom’, .co stands for ‘Colombia’ are used to get rank or get targeted traffic on specific countries. These types of domain names are mainly used by institutes etc.

3. .org

The domain name stands for ‘Organization’. It is a non-profit domain name that is used by organizations. 

4. .gov

As you have understood from the name gov it’s basically for the government. The ‘Government’ uses this domain to include any announcements if people are not aware of it, they can come to the official site and get aware of it.

Which is the best Domain name?

In my recommendation .com is the best because it gives us the opportunity to rank on the global level.

Which domain you should use?

It depends on you whether you are a Blogger, Businessman, Organization, Government member. In my recommendation, if you are a Blogger or a Businessman you can go with .com or .in, .br, .us, .uk depending on your country you belong from because you don’t need .gov, you are not a Government member.

If you are an organization you can go with .org you don’t need .com or .in, .br, .us, .uk because you are not a Blogger, Businessman

If you are a Government member you can go with .gov because you have no use of other domain names. If you make a website for government announcement purpose which has .com domain name it’s of no use you should go with .gov.

Note: Don’t believe me, do some research on your own about it. 

I hope you have understood What is Hosting and what is Domain Name.

If this information was helpful to let, I know in the comments.

what is web hosting
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