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How to Fix “Too many redirects” error in a WordPress site?

What is “Too many errors” error and why does it occur ?

“The Too Many Redirects WordPress error occurs when a user’s browser cycles through multiple URLs and servers trying to locate your website. As a result, the browser will be unable to connect to the correct server, and the visitor becomes stuck in an indefinite redirect loop. This is a common error in a wordpress site which is caused by  misconfigured redirection issues in the WordPress site. In this article we will tell you some possible solutions for the “too many redirects” error.

How to Fix “Too many redirects” error ?

Now we are going to tell you some possible solutions for “Too many redirects in a wordpress site.

Solution No 01. Check the redirection rule in “.htaccess”

To check the redirection rule in “.htaccess” follow the steps given below.

Step 01. Log in to cPanel

Step 02. Go to “File manager” and click on it .

Step 03. Now inside the file manager find public_html. 

Step 04. Click on public_html and go inside Public_html and find the “.htaccess “ file. If you did not find the .htaccess file then go to settings and turn on “Show hidden files “ and save. Now you can easily find the “.htaccess “ file.

Step 05. Right click on “.htaccess” and then click on view 

Solution No 02 Check the URL settings in WordPress Admin Dashboard

Step01. Log in to WordPress as a Admin

Step 02. Go inside the setting and click on general setting 

Step 03. In general settings check WordPress URL and site URL. Make sure both  URLs are same.

Solution 03. Check into SSL/TLS in Cloudflare.

Step 01. Login to cloudflare

Step 03. Go inside the site that SSL/TLS  you need to check

Step 03. Click on SSl/TLS

Step 4.  Make sure everywhere the redirection should be the same. You can disable this redirect in Cloudflare. At last you can also modify the SSL to Flexible mode.

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